What Are The Three Keys to Good Health?

what are the three keys to good health

Good health is a blessing. You’ll feel the importance only when you’re in a morbid stage. It’s better to fend off any diseases before they can harm you. But is there anything you can do to stay in good health? 

Nobody can assure you permanent good health, but there are some keynotes you need to tune in your life. Experts found three crucial factors that grossly affect the state of health. What are the three keys to good health?

We’ll dip into the key factors soon. But let’s try to understand why good health is important. Actually, everyone knows why they should be in good health, they just don’t follow it. 

Every single thing in your life depends on the state of your health. If it’s good, the output will be good. Otherwise, anything you do or try to do won’t come to life.

So do you want to know the keys to good health? These factors overwhelmingly affect the overall state of health. Then what are the three keys to good health? What are the abc’s of good health? Without further delay, let’s learn the ABC’s of good health.

What are the three keys to good health?

The keys to good health are healthy eating habits, habits of physical exercise, and sound sleep. If you can maintain these three keys, you’ll get the peace, tranquility, and productivity of life.

Let’s assume life as your precious laptop, or just say it’s your smartphone. If you want to run the phone, you need to charge it regularly just like we eat. But what if you overcharge it with more current or voltage? 

It definitely won’t bring any good to your precious phone. So does unhealthy eating to our body. Overnutrition or undernutrition opens the door to all kinds of diseases. Your diet should include all nutrients in a good proportion to thwart the slightest chance of catastrophic consequences. Good nutrition can affect your lifelong health by improving immunity and warding off deadly chronic diseases.

When you use your phone, it stores cache or junk files. They’re unnecessary but extra files in our phone, which hampers the performance and eats away a significant portion of phone memory. That’s why you need to clean up the junk folders and caches regularly.

Your body will start to malfunction if you don’t lose the extra and unnecessary fat in your body. And hence you need to clean up the mess through regular physical activities.

Playing games, watching movies, or just scrolling the internet for hours without rest will deteriorate your phone’s performance. You need to give it rest before they start to heat the processor.

Our body is almost the same as that machine that needs rest after a day’s hectic workload. Cells undergo continuous metabolism all day long which results in fatigue. A sound sleep at night will revive your vigor and thrust you well through the next day.

See, a mobile phone and your life cross the same path in many aspects. As you have a practical example before you, let it guide you towards good health utilizing these key factors.

Healthy Eating Habit -First Key to Good Health

First key to good health

Eating food recharges your body and soul. But if you don’t follow a healthy eating plan, you can’t achieve a healthy lifestyle. There are lots of diets at your arm’s length. But do you see any improvement in public health?

The key to good health is maintaining consistency in healthy eating. You can’t eat down to your throat. It’s fun, but always keep the consequences in mind. The US Department of Agriculture devised a diet plan that proportionately incorporates all the essential nutrients. It’s known as MyPlate.

You can calculate your calorie demand by formulating BMR. However, your meal plate should include grains, proteins, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. When you choose grains, choose them whole as they don’t exclude iron, vitamin B, and dietary fiber like refined grains. Avoid milled rice as they don’t have these essential nutrients if you eat rice.

Fruits and vegetables are compulsory if you want an effective immune system. Fruits should consist of 20% of your meal plate, while vegetables should occupy 30% of the food.

Food stereotypes can cause monotony, and you may get lost in the track toward a healthy lifestyle. You need to curate the foods carefully. You can bring variations in your choice of fruits and vegetables. Switch between a rainbow spectrum of colors, such as green, red, yellow, orange, and pink in fruits and vegetables.

Healthy eating-

  • Boosts your disease-fighting capabilities
  • Revitalizes your stamina and vigor
  • Gives you energy for the day’s work
  • Motivates you throughout the hectic day

Our body is like an engine that needs fuel to run. When the energy runs out, you need to refill it. Food is like the fuel of our body you need regularly. 

Regular Physical Activities- Second Key to Good Health

Second key to good health

It simply means you’ve to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. If your job requires you to sit at a desk, you need to find free time for exercise. You won’t need to do extra time for exercise if your job needs physical activities.

The machine’s joints become weak if you don’t rub them with oil. Exercise relaxes your joints and helps you move freely. However, that’s not the only benefit of exercise. Training brings the most productivity out of a person.

Exercise is one of the keys to good health. Let’s know how it contributes to good health.


  • Burns the extra fat and prevents the onset of chronic diseases, such as heart diseases, obesity, etc.
  • Makes you powerful physically and mentally
  • Boosts the immunity
  • Enhances the productivity of life

Walking is the best exercise that suits people of all ages. You can walk 30 minutes a day. Also, you can go swimming, jogging, skipping, aerobic dancing, which impacts most of the body’s muscles.

A Sound Sleep- Third Key to Good Health

third key to good health

Sleep is the remedy to all the exhaustion and stress of your life. If you want to strengthen your body-mind connection, a night of sound sleep is the key. But if you’ve experienced insomnia at any time in your life, you know how tough it is if you’re into strenuous activities. But you need to rest the engine if you want it to function the following day.

If you follow the first two steps to build a healthy lifestyle, it won’t go well without sound sleep. But how will you maintain a sound sleep that’s a trump card to good health?

  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • If your job is stressful, try to quit it or love it. Adaptation is the best policy here.
  • Maintain healthy eating habits. Eating junk foods will hamper your sleep
  • Exercise regularly. Do it in groups if possible.
  • Social engagement is the key to being hale and hearty person
  • Maintain a peaceful family because here lies most of your happiness

All three factors are intricately related to each other. For example, stress is highly associated with overeating. Inadequate sleep triggers the release of ghrelin which enhances appetite. 

When you feel full, leptin sends the signal to the brain to stop eating. Stress affects the level of leptin, reducing its production. When your belly is full, leptin is the hormone that signals the brain to stop eating. So all of these lead to overeating.

How to maintain the three keys to good health

Now you know the three keys to good health, it’s time to implement these rules in your life to harvest the best health benefits. The so-called three keys to good health actually incorporates all the secret keys to good health from staying stress-free to less alcohol consumption. It’s easy to learn the key factors to good health, but it’s hard to maintain the balance.

There are lots of factors that can compel you to deviate from maintaining the three keys to good health. That’s why you need to consider some psychological factors to maintain good health habits.

  1. Always make good friends who lead a healthy lifestyle. If you mix with friends who encourage you to drink alcohol, smok, or overeat, you may not succeed in maintaining the three keys to good health.
  2. Make a good strategy on how to persuade your eating habits. Find out the foods you indulge in and overeat eventually. Exclude these foods from your diet and you’ll find it helpful to maintain a balanced diet.
  3. It’s not sustainable to bring big changes in your lifestyle in a short period of time. Rather make small changes and proceed step by step to achieve the goals.
  4. If you don’t get enough motivation or pleasure for your activities, you’ll most probably derail from the healthy tracks. So find a cheering section where you’ll find motivation to persuade the three keys to good health. You can add colorful fruits and veggies to your diet to make them more alluring and adorable. The combo of green, red, pink, or blue fruits and veggies are certainly a thing you should consider adding to your diet.
  5. Keep in mind it takes days to establish healthy habits. A few occasions of indulgence is ok, but don’t overdo it. Once you form good habits, they’ll be parts and parcels of your life. You’ll feel uncomfortable whenever you skip the exercises, or the healthy diet.

Are there only three keys to good health

You know all the available keys to access the essence of good health. But materializing the factors into acts are hard nuts to crack. You should be proactive to carry out such mammoth tasks. But the wide category into ‘three keys to good health‘ might motivate you as they’re easy to keep a tab on. However, the individual aspects of keys to good health need extra care. 

But it’s not so hard to follow these rules in your life. You should be highly motivated and persuasive in actions. However, rest and relaxation is also an essential key to good health. Resting for some time may enhance your productivity by manifolds. So, if we include rest and relaxation as a key to open the doors of good health, then there are four pillars that hold our good health. 

Wrap Up

Now you know the three keys to good health. It’s time to sow these seeds in your life and wait for a fantastic harvest in the long run. In the beginning, it may seem hard to form a habit

But if you cling to the good practices, the habits will click after some time. Dr. Max Maltz said that it takes only 21 days to form a habit if you practice it regularly.

Always remember what the three keys to good health are. Try other resources online and motivate yourself through real-life experiences. If you have these three keys to good health in your life, you can unlock the door to hidden resources.

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