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Who Are We

Dietary Habit blog is a virtual part of our movement towards building a healthier & merrier life. We aim to grow consciousness among people and motivate them to adopt healthy dietary habits. A healthy dietary habit is a key to sound health, which we ignore most of the time. We’re trying to include resources to help diet-conscious people pick the right food choices. Contact us if you want to know more about us.

Our Aims

We aim to build this website a trustful source of health-related information. We aspire to motivate our readers to make healthy eating habits based on their age, physique, occupation, psychology, and other factors. At dietaryhabit.com, we’ll cover all aspects related to diet. Diet means all the proximate principles of food. That’s what we’ll talk about here. It may range from fruits and vegetables, vitamins, recipes to diet analysis. All of our efforts at dietaryhabit.com are directed to the demand of our readers about healthy eating.

Our Objectives

We are determined to provide evidence-based information that our readers find enormously helpful in our journey. Dietary Habit is the virtual place where you can trust our timely and in-depth content. Dietary Habit is a sensitive issue because our greater health depends on it. That’s why we carefully curate the contents and give you the best and updated medical wisdom.

Author Introduction

I’m A.S.M. Masum Billah, an MBBS graduate from Sir Salimullah Medical College & Mitford Hospital. I’m the helmsman in this virtual journey of ours towards promoting healthy dietary habits. I’ve observed patients and found out that most of the diseases have their origin in improper lifestyle. And here, diet plays a vital role as a risk factor in various disease conditions. To control and prevent diseases, it’s a must to follow a healthy diet pattern. In this era of the internet, there is plenty of information but a lack of trustful and evidence-based information.

I chose to scribble the hummings in my head about diet and nutrition because I found it a great way to uplift people’s greater health. I felt an urge to start this blog because I found many other websites where published content lacks credibility in the medical world. Some are misleading people into believing purely unscientific information. It hurts me because the wrong info on foods & diet could ruin your health.

Here I’m, determined to provide readers with the scientific basis behind their choice of food or diet. Interconnecting medical science and diet can help them choose the right options. I concentrate on providing comprehensive articles that can reach the heart of the average Joe. Readers will find the contents helpful as I try to avoid medical jargon and provide extra information on them.