Can Red Fruits and Vegetables Be Your Trump Card in The Table For A Sound Health

red fruits and vegetables
Red fruits & vegetables

The red hue of fruits and vegetables always reminds us of something about life and health. It significantly indicates our vital force- blood that drives our passion. The reddish fruits and vegetables are always cherishable though green attracts more.

Red or pink fruits and vegetables are all the same in nutrition profile with just a slight difference in hue that can range from pink to cherry-red. According to some studies, it’s confirmed that red fruits and vegetables contain a substantial number of phytonutrients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The significant antioxidants include flavonoids, anthocyanins, ellagic acids, lycopene, ascorbic acid, etc., that can quell up the oxidative stresses in different parts of the body.

Other phytochemicals, including astaxanthin, fisetin, carotenoids, and other anthocyanins, also produce immune-modulating activities. Inflammation is related to chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. So consuming red fruits and vegetables can lower the risks of developing these chronic diseases.

Without further ado, let’s learn about some of the awesome red fruits and vegetables with their amazing health benefits. We have tremendous resources covering all aspects if you want to know about green, yellow, orange, or blue fruits and vegetables. Also, peek into our article about spiky fruits.

What are the red fruits and vegetables

Here are the picks for the healthiest red.

1.     Strawberries

These ruby-red fruits may offer you health benefits if you eat them every day. With their adorable appearance outside, strawberries adorn the sweetest flavor in the world (for some people). If you’re suffering from hyperglycemia, low-glycemic strawberries can help you in the case by preventing a sudden rise in blood glucose levels.

2.     Red cherries

Tart or sweet red cherries can help you both as they contain essential antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Twenty women participated in a research study where the tart cherry was added to their diet. After eight days of drinking cherry juice twice a day, the women showed rapid recovery from muscle soreness after exercise than the placebo group.

3.     Red peppers and chili peppers

Red peppers have a strong presence of vitamin A and beta carotene, the life force to enjoy the world. They are enormously helpful for eyes as well as skins. Try to add some cuisine that supports the addition of red chilies and peppers to attain their utmost health benefits. Asian cuisine maintains peppers to achieve health goals and increase the taste of the foods.

4.     Red apples

Red apples are a well-known and prevalent fruit in the market. People sometimes pack them as a gift when they visit their guests. It’s really good practice because red apples are fantastic with their nutrition profile. They contain more antioxidants than green apples and effectively slow down the aging process.

5.     Tomatoes

Tomatoes are regarded as amusing supportive stuff in the salad and vegetable platter. Having the delightful appearance with a mouth-watering tangy taste of tomatoes, you can never expect more from the red beauties. They include essential antioxidant properties by adorning vitamin C in their ruby-red fleshes. Many health-conscience people eat them to boost their overall immunity.

6.     Watermelon

Watermelon is a great pick in the summer for its sheer hydrating power. Everyone will acknowledge it if he tastes a watermelon once in a life. Cut it through the core and enjoy the sweet taste with pure, flavorful water. Besides watermelon juice, you may try some other recipes to diversify your food habits.

7.     Prickly pear

Though this cactus fruit seems a little hindrance in the park and for the cattle to gaze, prickly pear can bless you with a choke-full of health benefits. Try it as a vegetable, or extract the juice from it and make oil; prickly pear is always helpful. A study suggests that prickly pear oil can preserve your skin’s youth and reduce inflammation.

8.     Red grapes

Red grapes are one of the most amazing blessings of God that have natural medicinal properties. They offer the best benefits if you consume them every day. However, people find other ways to ferment them and convert them into intoxicating drinks. Try to eat grapes as naturally as possible as they contain the most benefits in this form.

9.     Plums

Plums are known as stonefruits for their rock-solid fleshes around the seeds. They are prevalent in the stores and farmer’s markets from May to October, though they peaked in production in July and August. It’s better to try them with diverse cuisine styles to avoid any kind of dullness. Add them to your morning tea, yogurt, or salad platter and have a quality drink.

10.  Radicchio

The exotic appearance of radicchio can influence a writer to compose a whole romantic story. With white veins in the ruby-red fleshes, radicchio looks gorgeous and enigmatic. Whether it’s grilled radicchio or salad accessories, radicchio is on its own with a distinctive intense flavor.

Drawing Inferences

Red fruits and vegetables are exquisite packages for sound health. The redder the fruits and vegetables are, the density of the antioxidants and phytonutrients are greater. If you can manage to put rainbow foods on your table, you are halfway ahead to building a healthy eating habit. Switch between the colorful fruits and vegetables, and enjoy their exquisite flavorful and delicious fleshes.

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