Can You Eat Pop Tarts With Braces

can you eat pop tarts with braces

It’s hard to stay cold turkey about the obsessive foods when wearing braces. But you’ve to do this for the sake of a lasting and effective treatment. After all, who doesn’t know, “True success requires sacrifices.” If you’re obsessed with Kellogg’s enamored pop tarts, you need to look into the facts to ensure their compatibility with braces. So, can you eat pop tarts with braces?

Before scrutinizing the consistency, chewiness, or overall edibility of pop tarts with braces, you need to know first that they’re crammed with sweetness. We don’t want to rob your happiness, but the fact is you should always opt for healthy food options. However, there are less sugary flavors of pop tarts you may give a try.

There’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to eating foods with braces. Your food shouldn’t be-

  • Hard
  • Chewy
  • Gummy
  • Crunchy
  • Sticky, etc.

Some dentists give restrictions only for gummy and sticky foods. You may wreak havoc on the wires if the hard foods put much pressure on your jaws. So whatever you eat, you need to be careful if you don’t want to linger your wait for a beautiful smile.

Now you know if you can eat pop tarts or not. Don’t you? If not, let me make it clear for you.

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Can you eat pop tarts with braces?

can you eat pop tarts with braces

If you’re wearing a brace or an expander and want the highest degree of result, you should steer clear of pop tarts as they’re crunchy. But if you want happiness over a short-cycled efficient brace treatment, you can chow down on your favorite pop tarts. But before then, question yourself if you want it or not.

Pop tarts have a crunchy layer with various ingredients sandwiched in between. Whether you eat them right out of the box or eat by toasting them, there’s no significant change in their consistency. The middle flavorful layer just gets more blended and exudes better taste by absorbing the heat. Pop tarts become crispy, and they can get under the brackets and leave stains underneath. 

Please don’t feel like we’re robbing the happiness from you by suggesting pop tarts cleared off your diet. If you don’t want to go to the dentists to mend the broken wires, that’s the right thing to do. You can eat pop tarts at your own risk.

But here’s the thing! We can give you some tips and tricks to reduce the risks of bending the brackets. One thing you should keep in mind is that brushing and flossing the teeth is a must after you have sugar-rich snacks like pop tarts. They’re sticky enough to get underneath your braces and erode the enamel layer. So instead of getting a beautiful smile, you’ll have to worry about secondary teeth problems arising from the expanders.

Risks of eating pop tarts with braces

Before we get into the tips for reducing the risks of popping off the braces, you should know about the risks of eating pop tarts. What are the risks of eating pop tarts with braces? Well, here’s some of them. Also, get to know some sweet dangers of sugars.

  • Pop tarts are banned in some countries for using unapproved food additives and coloring agents.
  • Most of the pop tarts variants have high levels of sugar which is extremely dangerous for health in the long run.
  • Sugar thins the enamel layer of tooth if it gets stuck under the braces.
  • Besides cavities, the ingredients of pop tarts can stain the teeth. You’ll get stained teeth when you remove the braces after the treatment. To avoid such an awkward situation, you need to regularly floss and brush your teeth as soon as you eat pop tarts.
  • The crunchy layer of pop tarts can bend the wires or loosen the brackets which will reduce the effectiveness of putting on the braces.

So if you’re accepting the risks, you can go to the next section to learn the tips for reducing the risks as much as possible. Hopefully, you’ll have to make appointments with dentists less frequently.

Tips to reduce risks of eating pop tarts with braces

Pop tarts are relatively hard and crunchy sweets that may ruin your dental treatment with braces. Some tips might help you reduce the risks and enjoy full happiness because pop tarts are one of the most popular snacks among kids. They need less effort and can provide enough calories from one serving. 

  • Bite sized pop tarts will put less pressure on the jaws and braces, hence less chance to break the braces.
  • Small pieces of pop tarts easily melt in the mouth if you keep them for long enough.
  • Toasting the pop tarts will melt the sticky flavorful inside which can cling to the braces if not cleaned after eating.
  • Avoid eating frozen pop tarts. They’re hard enough to crack the braces.
  • You can use pop tarts as garnishes in ice creams or other pastries. The smashed pop tarts aren’t any risks as they need little to no effort.
  • Keep the pop tarts in the mouth for a long time for them to melt.
  • Visit the dentists frequently to check if the braces loosen. Otherwise, you won’t get the benefits of expanders in the due time. They can loosen and you may not notice that as they’re hard to get by.
  • If you use invisalign, put them off and eat pop tarts. It’s that easy peasy to eat pop tarts with invisalign. You just need to brush and wash your teeth after eating these sweets.

Wrap Up

Kellogg wins the race in the sweet industry by bringing pop tarts to the market. Since their introduction decades ago, they still hold a significant portion of the market. There are thousands of flavors of Kellogg’s pop tarts. It’s predictable that some of the flavors might have captivated you.

If avoiding pop tarts is tough for you, there’s no need to struggle with the obsession. The obsession will just get persistent if you try to avoid them. So eat the minimum of pop tarts and follow the tips to reduce the risks of delaying your treatment. You can consult the dentists as frequently as possible to check if everything is going well. 

The ultimate answer can be yes, and you can eat pop tarts with braces. There’s no need to strengthen the obsession with eating pop tarts by avoiding them so hard. However, the best option is always the sacrifice- sacrificing pop tarts for successful brace treatment.

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