How Can You Eat Pizza With Braces

Pizza, an epitome of exquisite Italian cuisine, has a worldwide loyal fanbase for its savory attributes. It’s one of the most consumed foods in the US, with almost 83% of people dipped in its bewitching flavor monthly. People love to indulge in its rogue but ravishing nature despite concerns about its healthfulness. 

Doesn’t it seem a bit desperate to ask such a question as “can I eat pizza with braces?”. It’s tough to abstain from pizza, even with braces. If you can set the mindset of going cold turkey about pizza, you’re welcome to binge-read this article. After all, you’ve to know both the pros and cons of eating pizza with braces.

Pizza is crammed with salted toppings and saturated fats, which are detrimental to health. Consuming it in the highest amount may initiate several fatal health conditions. It can affect your heart by increasing the risk of plaque formation. The drawbacks are too many to list here. But we won’t disappoint you as you’re here to know if you can eat pizza when you have braces. Yes, you can eat pizza with braces if you carefully follow the guidelines we’re going to introduce you. Is it safe to eat pizza with braces? Let’s embark on the journey to know everything about eating pizza with braces.

What foods should you eat while wearing braces?

Can You Eat Pizza With Braces on The First Week

Can You Eat Pizza With Braces on The First Day? Can’t you resist the urge of having a pizza just a day after braces! 

You can’t eat pizza with braces on the first day. And you shouldn’t have pizza in the first week either. The first few days are thoroughly uncomfortable for you as it takes some time to adapt to the new condition in your mouth. Braces need to align the teeth by gradually moving the teeth slightly. This treatment involves the root of the teeth that results in primary discomfort.

With braces, you’ll feel soreness or pain in the teeth in the first few days. The sensitivity starts to precipitate after a few days. You can’t chew anything hard or sticky in this period since they will hurt you. Soft foods are the best options to go away with this time. And pizza is highly at odds with the soft food criteria. So you can’t eat pizza with braces in the first week, let alone the first day.

After a few days, you’ll feel better as the teeth sensitivity starts to go away. This time you can nibble on the less hard and small food pieces. Opt for harder food options when you feel more acquainted with your braces.

The first week is critical for you since the consequences of the treatment depend on it. If you eat pizza on the first day or the first week when teeth sensitivity stays, you’ll feel utter pain. However, pizza can ruin your treatment by breaking the braces and wires. So completely stay away from pizza in the first few days when you learn how to bite your foods perfectly.

Can you eat pizza with braces on

Eating pizza with braces on can delay your treatment by breaking or bending the wires. You may need to rush to your dentist to get them fixed. But you can easily avoid this by restricting your pizza diet. If you crave pizzas, eat them when you’re unable to curb the urge. When you eat pizzas more often, you risk delaying your treatment. Who wants to wear a brace more than the anticipated period. Maybe no one!

But you can reduce the risks of bending wires by following some tips about selecting and eating pizza. The rule of thumb is always about avoiding hard, sticky, chewy, and crunchy elements in pizzas.


Toppings are great things to instill exquisite taste in your pizza. Most Americans love to see toppings like pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, extra cheese, onion, pineapple, tomatoes, garlic on their pizzas. But you’ve to choose the toppings wisely to avoid any risks while wearing braces.

Which toppings you can’t eat

You can be creative about using toppings in your pizza. But you’ve to be careful to select and avoid some toppings that may loosen your braces. 

You need to completely avoid using raw fruits and vegetables as toppings while wearing braces. Pineapple is widely used as a great topping to add to pizza. But now, you need to reconsider the selection with braces. Some others like to add raw fruits like pears, figs, apples, etc., which the dentist doesn’t recommend during the treatment.

Raw vegetables like arugula, basil, spinach increase the beauty and flavor of the pizza. But they are hard to chew and stick to braces easily. So these raw vegetables can’t stand a chance to add to pizzas while wearing braces. 

Meats are the most popular toppings used in American pizzas. But beef and mutton toppings may not be friendly with your braces. Chewing meat puts stress on your braces. Most of the time, it depends on the cooking style. However, soft and bite-sized meats are okay to eat with braces. The fibers of meat can get stuck to braces which will be hard to clean. So brushing and flossing teeth after having a pizza should be of utmost importance.

Chicken pizza typically has soft and well-cooked meats, which are easy to chew. But crispy chicken in pizza is a wrong choice when you’re wearing braces. The crispness can bend the wires and also hide under the brackets. You may need to go to your dentist to clean and tighten the braces.

Acidic condiments can cause tooth decay. So you should use less acidic toppings and condiments to your pizza. Tomato and other citrus fruits are highly acidic. It’s better to avoid eating these sour foods directly. Or you can neutralize the acidic effects by adding alkaline foods like non-sticky cheese.

Which toppings you can eat

Well-cooked vegetables are highly recommended for toppings in the pizza as they’re braces-friendly. You can use roasted squash, tomatoes, etc., as toppings in the pizza. 

If you want to use pepperoni or sausage in toppings, they should be remarkably delicate and easily chewable. Overcooked pepperoni can cause damage to braces. However, it’s safe to add chicken as your favorite toppings to pizza since they’re easy to chew. But keep them in small pieces, so they don’t put much stress on the braces.

If mushrooms are your favorite toppings, congratulations! You have the right choice of topping to eat with braces. Cook the mushrooms soft and delicate and cut them into slices. The nutritive mushroom topping will save your day by ending the struggle for a perfect food with braces.

Pizza crust

You’ll find different types of bases to contain the contents of pizza. The pizza crusts matter as they can bend the rubber bands. Thin crusts have both the characteristics of being chewy and crispy- highly damaging to the brackets. Instead, you can choose the thick and flabby crust, which is easy to nibble. Pan pizza is the most appropriate choice to eat with braces since it has soft and delicate dough.

If you try any homemade pizza, be careful when baking it. If you bake it at a high temperature, it will have a crispy crust. Bake it for a longer period to obtain the expected soft and delicate crust. You can achieve the desired softness by maintaining some necessary kitchen rules while preparing brace-friendly foods.. Hydration of the dough also contributes to the desired delicacy in the soft crust of the pizza.

Cheese & Sauce

Tomato sauce adds a fantastic flavor to the pizza. But many fear having tomatoes since they’re acidic. Acidic foods cause erosion of the enamel layer, hence the struggle to add tomato to your pizza. But there’s a way if you’re brave enough to try it. You can add alkaline foods to neutralize the effects of acidic sauces. 

And here comes the alkaline cheese, which will ward off any acidic assault on your teeth. But the problem is cheese can be sticky and sticky foods may damage the brackets and wires. They can also wreak havoc on the teeth by staining them overwhelmingly.

You may want to steer clear of pecorino or Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese which are hard and sticky. But you can use your favorite mozzarella in pizza as they’re less sticky. However, a choice of sticky cheese can’t protect your teeth if you don’t brush and floss your teeth after eating pizza.

Can you eat pepperoni pizza with braces

Pepperoni is another version of spicy Italian salami that’s widely popular in America. Most people find their comfort in pepperoni toppings used in pizza. But is it safe for you to eat pepperoni pizza with braces?

Sliced pepperoni is the most popular and widely used pizza topping. The softness and delicacy of pepperoni greatly vary according to the cooking style. So check in the pizzeria to find out how they make these pepperonis. As the sliced pepperoni easily fits into the bite-size criteria, it’s just the softness you need to check.

If the pepperoni has a soft consistency, you can tick the box right now to order a pepperoni pizza.

Wrap Up

You may feel an irresistible urge to nibble on a pizza, if only for a bite. But curbing the drive will solidify your dedication to the treatment. As you’re going through a treatment process, you’ve to exclude several things like coffee for a short period. You can eat pizza with braces if you pick up the right ingredients. That’s why we’ve indulged in some wisdom in this article so that you don’t make any wrong choices about eating pizza while wearing braces. However, you need to keep your teeth clean to avoid further complications with plaque formation.

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