What Candy Can You Eat With Braces or An Expander

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what candy to eat with braces

Love candy? Haven’t yet gnashed at one till you’re sure which candy is OK with braces? That indicates your commitment to the treatment! Candy might be bad for your oral health. If you’re a hardcore candy aficionado and don’t want to miss out on eating candy at big events like Easter, Halloween, or Christmas, it’ll need paramount efforts to completely abandon your favorite candy. Hence we’re to respect that endeavor and save your day.

However, we’re not so cruel to deprive you of this sweet madness when we also love eating candies. But remember to brush and floss your teeth every time you chow down candy. And with braces, you should be selective about candies to avoid any delay in the treatment. But what candy can you eat with braces?

Braces are tightly woven with the teeth, but they’re still vulnerable. The brackets and wires can break if you crack on hard substances. But you’re lucky that there are plenty of variations of candy. You don’t need to starve when we’re delivering you a plethora of candy you can eat with braces.

Can I Eat Candy With Braces

Can I eat candy with braces? That might seem silly when we’re talking about what type of candy you can eat with braces? But you’ve to know the bitter truth. 

Despite the mouthwatering flavors of candies and the alluring advertisements of chocolate companies, candies pose a great threat to your oral health. Kids are more vulnerable as they don’t want to maintain oral hygiene. Cavities are common in such cases where you can develop greater problems in your teeth. The cavities can reach the root of the teeth if left unattended.

Candies are high in sugar that feeds on the bacteria to destroy the protective layer of the tooth. Sugars act like magnets for these bacteria and increase the acidic assault on your teeth. Eating candies now and then means more and more acid attacks on your teeth that result in cavities, gingivitis, and more.

The challenges are more with braces since they can break the wires. Some sticky candies may attach to your braces and leave marks. It won’t look good to have stained teeth when you take off the braces. If candy gets along the braces somehow, you might need to consult your dentist to remove them by dismantling the braces. Besides, teeth get sensitized in the first few days after braces. So you can’t eat any sour candies listed below. 

Despite all the odds, can you still eat candy with braces? Do you still long for them? We won’t disappoint you now. You don’t have to worry about eating candy on Halloween. But you’ve to curate your selection according to the eating guidelines we’ll discuss here. We’re discussing the types of candy you can eat with braces and not essentially the names of all the candy you can eat with braces. You’ll quickly understand which candy to eat with braces once you know the general rules. 

What Candy Can You Not Eat With Braces 

Before jumping into learning about what types of candy you can eat, let’s learn about the nasty ones to avoid. If you see any of these criteria in the candy held in your hand, just throw it right away for the sake of your treatment. So, what candy can you not eat if you have braces? Here we’ve stated some types you should be careful about.

Hard Candy

If you don’t resist your tongue from tasting hard candies, you may ruin the outcomes of your treatment. You’ll need to rush to the dentist to repair your broken or bent wires. Isn’t it wise to avoid such foods for a short time during the treatment? If the braces crack somehow, you’ll need to extend the period of wearing braces. Keep your kids away from hard candies. And it’s now easy to manage them as you’ll know about some exquisite candy to calm their candy craze. However, you can suck on these hard candies without chewing, if possible.

Here are some of the candies you’ll like to steer clear of for the time being.

  • Tic Tac
  • Stick candy
  • Werther’s Original
  • Candy cane
  • Lollipops
  • Aniseed twists
  • La Vie Les Citrons
  • Nestlé Nips Coffee
  • Nerds
  • Dark chocolate (It’s a healthy one, but a bit hard to crack)
  • Jolly ranchers
  • Lifesavers
  • Butterscotch
  • M&M’s  
  • Lemonheads
  • Gobstoppers or Jawbreaker
  • Runt
  • Whopper
  • Smarties
  • Peppermints
  • Toffee
  • Sweet tarts
  • Brittle

Chewy Candy 

Chewy candy causes enough discomfort for your braces. If candies somehow stick beneath the brackets, you’ll need to hurry to doctors to clean it and insert it again. The chewy candies also run a great risk of wearing your braces. Bending brackets while chewing on a skittle is not safe. So carefully keep these candies away from your mouth. 

  • Taffy
  • Skittles
  • Sour patch kids 
  • Starburst
  • Jellybean
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Jellybean
  • Laffy Taffy 
  • Milk duds
  • Gum
  • Gummy candy such as gumdrops
  • Haribo gold bears
  • Airheads
  • Swedish fish
  • Lifesavers gummies
  • Sugar babies
  • Dots 
  • Licorice
  • Twizzlers
  • Hi-Chew
  • Mamba
  • Now & Later
  • Mike and Ike
  • Fruit Roll-Ups 

Sour Candy  

Can you eat sour candy with braces? The answer is NO. Lots of people love sour candy. But you’ve to limit your sour candies intake as you may develop sensitivity in teeth in the first week after putting on braces. Sourness can cause much harm to your exposed gums and slightly moving teeth. Here are some sour candies you should avoid with braces. These are the sour candy you can eat with braces.

  • Toxic Waste Candy 
  • Sour Skittles
  • Sour patch kids extreme
  • Barnetts mega sour lemon
  • Juicy gumdrop
  • Warheads sour candy
  • Taveners sour lemon drops
  • Cry baby tears
  • Sour flush candy toilets
  • Jumbo sour suckers Koala-Red band        

Candy With Nuts 

Some candies contain nuts which add terrible crunchy flavor. But it would be best if you avoided these cracking candies to safeguard your braces. This way, you can achieve a sustainable treatment. Some treats should be avoided entirely during this period. Rather you can select candies that have peanut butter rather than hard nuts. These treats can damage your braces also.

  • Almond Joy
  • Snickers
  • PayDay 
  • Babe Ruth
  • Hershey’s with almond, etc       
  • Mr. Goodbar
  • Reese’s nutrageous
  • Ferrero rocher      

What Candy Can You Eat With An Expander

Don’t be disappointed looking at the long list of candies you shouldn’t eat with braces. You might now be wondering what candy you can eat with an expander?  

Don’t worry! We get you covered on this aspect. You don’t have to worry about what candy you can eat with braces. Just avoid the candies mentioned earlier. The Thumb rule is the candy shouldn’t be gooey, hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky. What should it be then? It should melt in your mouth without cracking or chewing.

Do we have some like this? Yes, we recommend eating these candies mentioned here.

  1. Reese’s pieces (happy now!)
  2. Hershey’s bars
  3. Kisses
  4. Dove bars
  5. Hugs
  6. Three musketeers
  7. Mint treats
  8. York peppermint pattie
  9. Pixie stix
  10. Sweet tarts 
  11. Peanut butter cups
  12. KitKat bars
  13. Chocolate bars without nuts
  14. Nestlé treasures without nuts
  15. Plain M&M’s
  16. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  17. Twix
  18. Crunch
  19. Milky way
  20. Krackel
  21. Butterfinger
  22. Junior mints
  23. Whopper
  24. Candy corn
  25. Smarties 
  26. White chocolate bars
  27. Ritz bits mini crackers
  28. Cadbury eggs
  29. Andes chocolate
  30. Cheez-it mini crackers
  31. Nestlé crunch 
  32. Cotton Candy
  33. Pop rocks
  34. Buttermints
  35. Ring pop
  36. Peeps
  37. Tuck ins
  38. Stuffed puffs

 The last three candies on this list- peeps, tucks-in, and stuffed puffs are marshmallows that you can eat with braces.

You can enjoy these treats. But don’t forget to maintain oral hygiene. And bite them gently with the teeth in the backside. If candies are large, break them into pieces and then eat. Large bars pressure the brackets and wires and might bend or break them.

What fruity candy can you eat with braces? Actually, many of the candies here have fruity flavors. Can you eat jolly ranchers with braces? No, you can’t eat jolly ranchers with braces as they’re hard nuts to crack.

Can You Eat Skittles With Braces

Skittles are hard-coated that come in a button shape. The hard layers of skittles need you to chew them before you swallow. Most people take a handful of skittles and stuff them into mouths at a time. This is a terrible way to eat candies when you have braces. So you can’t eat skittles with braces.

But if you can suck hard enough to vanish them in the mouth without chewing, then you can try it out. You’ll get to know if you’re getting well along with the skittles. Always eat out one skittle at a time though you can’t resist. However, the best way is to completely abandon eating skittles when you have braces.

Can You Eat Cotton Candy With Braces

Cotton candy is a combo of heated sugar and air. Cotton Candy is absolutely OK to eat with braces because it just melts when it touches the interior of the mouth. You don’t need biting, chewing, or even sucking. If you want to quench your sugar craze, cotton candy can be the safest way. There’s no possibility of any harm if you enjoy cotton candy with braces.

Can You Eat Candy Corn  With Braces On

Candy corn adopts a pyramid shape resembling the corn. But the taste isn’t anything like corn. The hardness of this candy can be compared a bit to corn! 

However, orthodontists put candy corn on the nasty list. That simply means you can’t eat candy corn with braces. Chowing down on these candy corn might break the wires and brackets of your braces. The procedure thus might take a longer period than usual.

Wrap Up

We’ve covered a whole lot of candies for you to have them with braces. You should be a happy fella by now and shouldn’t wonder what candy to eat with an expander. Let us know if this article helps you to find your favorite ones. If you want to get a beautiful smile sooner, you should sacrifice a bit to chow down your favorite candies. 

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