69 Foods That Start With T (Our Top Picks)

foods that start with t

There are lots of foods that start with T and we enjoy these foods frequently. But you want to know more, right? Maybe you’ve taken a list challenge to know all the foods starting with the letter T. We’ve included foods of different cultures, countries, and different culinary. So, you might try some of them from our 60+ items if you think they’re worth your taste buds. Bookmark the page and come later to try the next dish after you completed the challenge to try a food.

We’ve included lots of foods that are familiar to the Americans. But we’ve also included foods from East to West and from North to South, foods from the Indian cultures to the Mexican culinary, from spicy to bland types, fruits, drinks, and desserts, and so on. You’ll get to know many aspects of foods starting with T only.

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The List: Foods beginning with T

  1. Tabasco

It’s a plant of the capsicum genus like many other peppers. The so-called hottest sauce is prepared from this pepper plant. The spiciness of Tabasco brings along tons of vitamin C and other nutrients in it.

  1. Tabbouleh

One of the most distinctive Levantine cuisines is tabbouleh. The salad is prepared by mixing parsley, onion, tomatoes, mint, sauce, pepper, and so on. This Levantine vegan food comprises zero cholesterol with a high level of dietary fibers.

  1. Tabil

If you want to know about Tunisian foods, tabil should be the first one for you to understand. You’ll get to know the spiciness of North African food when you know that Tabil Ahammed is a mixture of ground coriander mainly along with caraway seed, garlic, and chili powder. 

  1. Tacos

It’s a staple food consumed in Mexico. The history of T for Taco dates back to the old Mexican civilization before the arrival of the Spanish. Tortilla is folded around a topping and filled in the mouth by hand. The nutrition mostly depends on the filling you use.

  1. Taffy 

This food in our “list of foods starting with T” is candy. Whether it be healthy or unhealthy, it’s very much popular. The heated sugar aerated into a solid mass offers too much sweetness.

  1. Tagliatelle 

Tagliatelle is a ribbon-shaped pasta and I know, you’ve already guessed the origin of the food correctly. This Italian pasta, however, was claimed by industrial researchers to be helpful in cutting fat. How funny!

  1. Tahini

Tahini is a middle eastern food used in baba ganoush, hummus, or itself. The condiment is prepared from the hulled and ground sesame seeds. This T food is rich in calcium and manganese that help in your bone growth.

  1. Tajine

An earthenware pot made of ceramic is used to cook this Moroccan dish. The clay vessel is known as tagine or tajine and therefore, the dish also gets popular with the name. The earthen flavor enriches every dish whether it’s a vegetable or chicken one.

  1. Tamale

Tamale is a mesoamerican dish, also known as tamal in Spanish. The base is prepared from masa dough which is an outcome of the distinct processing of corn. 

  1. Tamari Shoyu

Tamari is a competitor of soy sauce. The sauce has a unique umami flavor and is healthier than its other counterparts. Tamari sauce is different from soy sauce in the way it’s fermented and prepared.

  1. Tamarillo

Tamarillo is an updated version of tomato but a smaller one. If you can’t eat the bitter skin, then you can have the sweeter pulp of tamarillo. The seeds are edible and not bad at all. However, they’re as nutritious as the tomatoes you like to indulge in your experimental cuisines.

  1. Tamarind 

Though this T food is indigenous to tropical Africa, it’s popular worldwide. The sweet and sour flavor is alluring to be used in different candies and snacks. Lots of tartaric acids, minerals, and vitamins are a bonus to its mouth-puckering flavors.

  1. Tandoori Chicken/ Fish Tikka

When chicken or fish are cooked in a special clay oven named tandoor, the dish is known as tandoori chicken or tandoori fish. The smoked dish is marinated with greek yogurt and spices before being put into the tandoor. However, smoked fishes are a risk factor for intestinal cancer.

  1. Tangelo

It’s a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo and of course, another orange cultivar in the town. It inherited the flavor of its parents resulting in an exquisite combo of sweet-tart flavor. Also, the available three types of tangelo are inundated with vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals, and lots of fibers.

  1. Tangerine 

The sweet taste of tangerine will wow you with every bite. Those who don’t like acidic fruits should try them for their pleasant taste. The Morocco-originated fruit has lots of nutritional value containing tons of antioxidants and fibers. This orange-like food comes from the city of Tangier in Morocco.

  1. Tangor

The name suggests that it’s a hybrid orange fruit. The tang- part comes from tangerine and the -or part comes from orange. However, the hybrid orange has a core filled with a sweet and sour flavor. Kids would love it as they’re easy to peel and pleasant in taste buds.

  1. Tapalapa bread

Let’s get introduced to west African food starting with the letter t. Tapalapa bread is widely found in Guinea, Senegal, and the Gambia. It’s eaten as a breakfast food that is rubbed with jam and jelly. The components vary from corn to maize.

  1. Tapenade

Tapenade is an olive dip hailing from a specific region of France. This french food consists of olive, capers, anchovies, etc. The taste depends on the type of olive used here. It’s a french food that starts with t.

  1. Tapioca 

Tapioca is a starch-rich food extracted from the roots of the cassava plants mostly in the south American region. As it has a high glycemic index, it can rapidly increase the glucose level in your blood. But it has been a staple food for various purposes.

  1. Tarap

We have a spiky fruit in this list of foods starting with the letter t. Tarap looks like durian or a jackfruit, though it has a distinctive flavor and smell. It’s widely grown in southeast Asia and popular for its delicious pulp covering the seeds. It’s one of the delicious foods that start with T.

  1. Taro

Taro is a tuber vegetable that looks like a potato. It might have a grey core. However, it has a distinct taste and flavor. The starchy core tastes bland and nuttier. Taro has a glycemic index meaning it shows a glucose spike in blood when you eat taro.

  1. Tarragon 

Tarragon is a herb that is used to enhance the pleasant taste of cuisine. But it has lots of nutritional values that you need to pay heed to. It helps in proper digestion, increases appetite and water retention in the kidney, and promotes a night of sound sleep.

  1. Tart

A baked dish like tart is a popular one offering deliciousness and peace of mind. The pastry base is filled with toppings which are mostly fruits and sometimes other sweet and sour varieties. The crust is thicker than the normal pie base.

  1. Tassot

It’s a traditional and highly animal protein-rich food in Haiti. This dish usually consists of beef or goat meat. After marinating the meat with onions and other flavoring juices like lemon juices and other accessory foods, it’s fried in the heat till it gets a brownish tinge. It gets crispy and delicious to eat by then. It’s an awesome Haitian food that starts with T.

  1. Tater Tots

The name tater tots are copyrighted to a specific company. But the name is also regarded as generic as most people know it by this name. The cubic potatoes are deep fried and sold as tater tots.

  1. Tayberry

Tayberry is the crossbreed of raspberry and blackberry. The crossbreed took place in Scotland beside a river named Tay river, hence the name tayberry. However, the berry inherited the sweet and gracious smell of blackberry but without the tartness in it. 

  1. Taylor’s Gold Pear

In 1980, in an orchard of Newzealand, Taylor’s gold pear caught the attention of the gardener with its golden brown skin and whitish pulp. The delicious pear is edible in raw form as well as in baked form.

  1. Tea

Tea is a worldwide phenomenon that doesn’t need any introduction. From teenagers to older people, everybody loves to drink tea. It has caffeine which inhibits the degradation of cyclic AMP and leads to increased energy production. You can surely drink a few cups of tea to enhance your productivity.

  1. Teaberry

Teaberry is indigenous to North America, especially Newfoundland. It can be used to make a minty and flavorful tea. But it’s also used to add a distinct flavor to candies, used as medication, and so on. 

  1. Teacake

Teacake is an all-English food that is normally served with tea, hence the cake or cookie gets its name. The sweet bun is toasted or buttered with fruits inside. The use of yeast in the bun makes it lighter and fluffy. 

  1. Tehari

In the Indian subcontinent, tehari is a well-known food that starts with t. If you want to taste all the t-based foods serially, then you should seriously try this spicy food. Tehari normally consists of basmati or chinigura rice with pieces of beef or mutton. The strong flavor of tehari is attributed to the use of gorom masala. The Mughals introduced this recipe in the subcontinent. Only suncontinental people know how popular this food is starting with T.

  1. Tempeh

It’s an Indonesian food which is known well in the west. This eastern dish is prepared by fermenting soybeans, unlike tofu which is made from condensed milk of soya. It’s an effective protein source for vegans. The mushroomy taste and nutty flavor offer lots of protein calories.

  1. Tempura

Tempura is the result of the fusion of Japanese art and western culinary. The Portuguese brought this dish to Nagasaki and popularized it among the elite people. The dish can be prepared by battering and then deep frying meat, veggies, and seafood.

  1. Tenderloin 

Tenderloin is the most alluring beef cut for steaks. And it was expensive also. The lean and tender meat of this part oozes an exotic buttery flavor when you give it a bite. 

  1. Tequila 

Tequila is an alcoholic drink popular in the western world. The Eastern people get to know this drink from novels where the protagonist character can’t but sip a peg of tequila. It’s a signature product from Mexico prepared from an agave plant.

  1. Teriyaki 

Teriyaki is a Japanese sauce used while grilling meat. The sauce is composed of soy sauce, sweet wine aka mirin, sake, etc. If you want a sweet and tangy combo in a sauce, then you should go for this teriyaki sauce. But you should eat them in moderation. When you talk about foods that start with T, teriyaki is one of the few soups that can be listed here.

  1. Terrine

The French masters the art of preparing terrine which normally means earthenware pot. However, Romans and Greeks also loved this food. You can prepare it by grinding the meat and cooking it in a covered pot.

  1. Testouri

If you’re from East or North Africa, you know this food beginning with T very well. It’s a cheese on the list and made of sheep or goat milk. If you don’t like the taste of goat or sheep milk, you still might like the light saltish flavor of testouri cheese. The Ottomans introduced this orange-shaped cheese to the African people. You can try this fresh and full.

  1. Tetrazzini

Though the name can be confused as Italian, it’s actually an American dish. Diced chicken meats and turkey meats are used with baked pasta. Pints of wine or sherry make it more palatable, and so it’s popular.

  1. Tharid

Tharid is a food that has a distinct historical and traditional height other foods can never reach. The recipe is simple but exquisitely outclassed. Just put some pieces of bread in the broth of meat or veggies, the outcome is known as tharid. It refers to the richness of Arabian culture. Tharid goes widespread in almost all houses during the month of Ramadan. This food beginning with T is intricately involved with Islamic festivals.

  1. Thimbleberry

Thimbleberry is just like a raspberry, but a tad shorter. It tastes so sweet that you can’t help but salivate while eating. Some variants of thimbleberry could be tart also. However, you can eat it raw or cooked.

  1. Thyme 

Thyme is a herb and like most herbs, it has lots of medicinal properties. Antioxidants in thyme help in antifungal and bactericidal activities. If you have problems with your scalp and hair fall, you can use this plant.

  1. Tilapia

It’s a fish in our list of foods beginning with T. From Zimbabwe to the Indian subcontinent, the fish is known as tilapia. It’s an oil-rich fish that tastes quite well if you cook it with broth. Tilapia curry and fish fry recipes are more common in the Indian subcontinent. But the Zimbabweans may eat this freshwater fish straight from the fishermen’s nets. Also, they smoke and dry the fish for eating in the next few days and also for transportation to distant places. The fish is medium in size, so it may be baked whole or more commonly grilled in the oven. It’s one of the most popular foods that start with T.

  1. Timbale

Timbale refers to the foods usually baked in the pan. The food is enclosed by a crust of rice, pastry, bread, and even chopped vegetables.

  1. Tiramisu

This Italian food has a really catchy name. Tiramisu always means “pick me up.” The coffee-flavored cake was an instant hit when it was introduced. The espresso with ladyfinger cookies can’t be ignored by the glutton’s army or the food lovers.

  1. Tisane

Tisane is an overall term to refer to herbal teas. When you decoct the dried leaves, roots, or barks into the water, you can have the tisane. It has tons of medicinal properties including enhancing your immune system. They don’t have caffeine but all the good things only.

  1. Toast

Almost everyone has the experience of tasting a toast. It’s an essential part of breakfast in most of the world. So you don’t need any introduction to this food. However, irradiation of heat produces a brown color and makes the bread firmer. The firm bread helps to contain the topping while the warmth helps to melt the butter on it.

  1. Toblerone

Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate brand that amassed lots of fame with the launch of a distinctive and unique chocolate shape. The triangular prisms with engraved letters catch you before the taste which is flavorful. 

  1. Toddy

Toddy palm or tali palm is indigenous to Southeast Asia. Though the number of these trees is decreasing day by day, it’s usually seen as it surpasses the other trees in height. The hard shell hides the fruity portion inside. It may taste like a litchi fruit though they’re miles away in appearance.

  1. Toffee

If you want to go mad with sweetness, you can have toffee on your lap. Caramelized sugar is mixed with butter and sometimes flour to prepare this hard-crack candy. As sweetness is overloaded, you need to count on your toothpaste to protect your teeth.

  1. Tofu 

Tofu is prepared from soy milk which is processed in a special way to get rid of any bitter taste. However, the curd is collected and coagulated into a firm and soft texture. It may taste like beans as it’s prepared from soy seeds. The list of foods that start with T would be incomplete without tofu included.

  1. Tomalley 

The green stuff in the lobster or crab is known as tomalley. It acts like a liver and pancreas for them. But can you eat it? Food lovers love the concentration and the intense flavor of the tomalley. Though it can lead to some chronic complications, the glutton’s army prizes it over anything.

  1. Tom and Jerry Cake

If you have kids, Tom and Jerry’s cake can be a good way to please your kids on their birthday. They’ll love the cartoons on the cake. You can customize the ingredients as you do for any other cake.

  1. Tomato

There’s no need to introduce you to the world-renowned and popular food starting with the letter T. Tomato has a red pulp with a core containing lots of seeds. The juicy and succulent tomatoes are edible both in raw and cooked form. And as usual as citrus fruit, tomatoes have lots of antioxidants and vitamins. 

  1. Tom Collins 

The mixologists in the 19th century found an artistic way to shake up the flavor of gin. The outcome is Tom Collins. Here gin is mixed with sugar syrup, then soda is also added, and a few ice cubes do the rest. Tom Collins is prepared. Tom Collins is a drinking food that starts with T.

  1. Tom Yum

Tom yum is Thai food that’s popular worldwide. It’s actually a soup, hot and spicy. The name itself suggests perfectly how it tastes. Tom yum roughly means hot and spicy and sour. The flavor depends on the paste used in the soup.

  1. Tonic

Tonic is a carbonated drink that contains a low level of quinine. It’s mainly used as a mixer with gin or rum. However, tonic water has some benefits though it’s a carbonated sugar. It can keep your skin moist and healthy and younger.

  1. Topaz Apple

This Czech apple is delicious as well as gorgeous on the salad platter. You can eat them raw or just use them in the salad. The sweet taste is worthy of the name to put into a topaz on its head. The large size can satisfy you for some time with abundant calories and disease-fighting capacity. You can try these apple foods that start with T. T can also mean tolerance against diseases. And Czech apple can provide you with that.

  1. Torshi

Torshi is a widespread phenomenon in the middle east, Turkiye to even Bosnia. There are hundreds of recipes for torshi varying from culture to culture and region to region. The vegetables are pickled and served in a bowl. Even some families can’t think of their dinner complete without a bowl of torshi. The T food includes chili, eggplant, garlic, vinegar, and other vegetables.

  1. Torta de gazpacho

Tota is flat and rounded bread used to prepare a dish named gazpacho. The bread isn’t fluffy due to the absence of yeast. Some regions in Spain use torta to contain the gazpacho and eat them by rolling the bread.

  1. Torte

Torte is a multi-layered cake that doesn’t use flour like normal cakes. Rather they use ground nuts which offer a distinct flavor to the cake. Torte also uses whipped and buttercream with a madness of sugars. The use of grounded nuts results in the torte being heavy in texture.

  1. Tortellini

Tortellini is a pasta that is presumably an Italian dish. It’s a ring-shaped thick structure made of egg and flour. It has a big brother which is known as tortelloni. Whatever the variation in these foods that start with T, you’ll love the Italian flavors on them.

  1. Toto

If you go to Jamaica, you may find toto on your dessert list. However, the recipe of toto is passed from generation to generation in the family. It’s hardly sold in the stores. The origin of toto is related to slavery. When the slaves were hungry, they would mix coconut with molasses and flour and bake it in the coal fire.

  1. Toum

Toum is a Lebanese sauce made of garlic. It’s widely used in the cuisine of the Middle East and levant. The intense flavor of this garlic sauce should be used only with its suitable competitors. Grilled dishes are good to go with. You can try this by mixing mashed garlic with lemon juice, vegetable oil, etc.

  1. Tournedos Rossini

It’s a part of haute cuisine that represents one’s sybaritic lifestyle very often. This french cuisine is served with lots of accessory parts like truffles.

  1. Tourtiere

This meat pie is delicious for those who love savory foods. The voluptuous structure of the pie will captivate you. The use of onions and different seasonings give it its distinctive flavor. Pie crust is used to contain the toppings. It’s normally observed in New England and Canada. 

  1. Treacle

Treacle is used in many sweet dishes all over the world. It’s the remaining portion after the cane juice is heated to extract the sugar portion. 

  1. Trifle 

Trifle is a British-originated dessert that is fuss-free to make and present to the small crowd in your house. It’s a multilayered sponge cream cake topped with fruits and custards, jelly, etc.

  1. Tripe

Tripe is one of the unique foods that start with T. Many people find eating tripe offensive. It’s the lining of the stomach of a cow, goat or ox. It needs proper treatment or processing with lime and heat. Some dishes include deep frying the gut wall which is quite delicious. However, tripe contains some important trace elements like selenium, zinc, and vitamins. They also have high levels of saturated fats which are harmful to cardiac patients. 

The Last Words

Hopefully, this list of foods starting with T help you in your list of challenges to try new and delicious foods. If you want to add your favorite foods that start with T, let us know in the comment section.

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