Is Twisted Tea Gluten Free (Best Explanation)

is twisted tea gluten free

A beverage can revitalize your stamina after a hectic day. And most of us indulge in beverages at least once a day. A refreshing cup of joe or a twisted tea can increase your energy manifolds. But that doesn’t mean you’ve to compromise your strict and healthy diet. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, you need to know which items to exclude from your diet chart.

However, if you’re allergic to gluten or continuing a gluten-free diet, you need to know which beverages you should drink and which ones to avoid. 

So, Is twisted tea gluten free?

Let’s know about the ins and outs of this twisted beverage which is on hype nowadays. And we’ll also let you know if you really need a gluten-free twisted tea on your diet.

What Is Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea aims to provide a refreshing and revitalizing drink that contains a calculative blend of brewed tea and malt. Twisted Tea is the sister concern of Boston Beer Company, famous for its signature beer brands like Samuel Adams, Dogfish Head, Truly Hard Seltzer, etc. You can expect something innovative from such an established brand.

Though twisted tea has been on the market since 2001, there’s been a sharp rise in its consumption in recent days. As we know how viral things go nowadays, twisted tea got such attention in a brawl between a black and a white man in the US. People are becoming more familiar with this hard tea and binge eating for the twisted beer-ful flavor.

What is gluten

Gluten has been the talk of the town in the past few years. Some people are hyping this nutrient for a weight loss diet. Though the contribution of gluten to weight loss is questionable, it’s important for persons suffering from celiac diseases. But what is gluten? And what is the relationship between gluten and twisted tea?

Gluten is a protein mostly found in grains. It can be divided into glutenin and prolamine which are slightly different in nature. Gluten in wheat is known as gliadin, and in barley, it’s known as hordein. They’re responsible for most of the gluten-related adverse effects on health.

Gluten is important to maintain texture in foods. Thanks to these tiny protein molecules, wheat, barley, and rye are beautiful in texture and easily bind together. That’s how you can make perfect dough for pizza crust or bread. You can understand the exceeding importance of these proteins in making many of our staple foods. You might notice that gluten is present mainly in carb foods, the grains like wheat, barley, rye, hops, etc. So boycotting gluten means excluding a range of grains from your diet, cutting your carbohydrate portion to a low. 

You can’t extract gluten easily, which is naturally stippled in foods. If you use any gluten-containing grains in twisted tea, it’s likely to remain there. So does twisted tea include any ingredients rich in gluten?

Does twisted tea have gluten? Is it important?

does twisted tea have gluten

It’s a question a lot of fellas ask online and offline. Well, do you really need to go gluten free with your diet? Is it necessary that your twisted tea shouldn’t contain gluten? Make sure you’re not on the trend trail to adopt a gluten free diet. Check the facts for it. Gluten has nothing to do with weight loss. If you drink twisted tea with gluten, your weight will never increase only for gluten. 

As you know from the earlier section, gluten is closely related to carbohydrates. So if you exclude gluten, it means you’re excluding most of the staple carbohydrates we eat every day. So you lose weight eventually. There’s not enough data that suggests any contribution of gluten to weight loss. Hence almost a third of Americans are now opting for gluten free foods, a fad that doesn’t seem to fade away soon. 

If you’re prescribed a gluten free diet, you should restrict all the foods and drinks containing traces of gluten. Hence comes the legitimate question, is twisted tea gluten free?

What ingredients does twisted tea have? Gluten?

Twisted Tea has earned its fame for the exquisite formulation of a beverage combo. They don’t disclose the complete formulation of this Twisted drink. As far as we know, twisted teas come with brewed teas, malt, lemonade flavor, and many fruit flavors, e.g., mango, raspberry, blackberry, peach, etc. So does tea contain any gluten? No. Does lemon contain gluten? Lemon doesn’t have glutens, nor the different fruits dipped in this drink. The only ingredient left is malt which is the key component in twisted tea.

What are malt and gluten in twisted teas?

Twisted Tea is a malt beverage rather than a beer. There’s a subtle difference between the two. Malt is prepared from grains, especially wheat, sorghum, rye, and barley. The grains are steeped, germinated, air-dried into malt, used in alcoholic drinks and beverages. Beer is prepared by malting and germinating barley.

Twisted Tea is more likely a beer. They contain malt alcohol which is rich in gluten protein. There’s no way you can separate gluten from barley or malt. So the presence of gluten is inevitable in twisted tea.

Is twisted tea gluten free?

are twisted teas gluten free

Are Twisted Teas gluten-free? Twisted Teas aren’t gluten free as they contain malt alcohol, though only 5% in volume. Malt is mainly prepared from barley for beer and twisted tea. Though the greater portion of the barley is carbohydrates, the significant protein portion contains gluten, known as hordein. Gluten in barley isn’t distilled in twisted tea, so you aren’t getting gluten free twisted tea.

The inevitable presence of gluten in twisted teas poses a challenge to your cravings for it. Hence you can ask yourself how important it is to avoid such a necessary protein compound when you don’t have celiac problems.

How much gluten in Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea is brewed with malted barley, which is a gluten-containing ingredient. However, the exact amount of gluten in Twisted Tea may vary and is not specified on the product label or website. Generally, beer and other malted beverages like Twisted Tea can contain up to 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, which is considered safe for most individuals with gluten-related disorders.

However, for those with severe gluten intolerance or celiac disease, even small amounts of gluten can cause adverse reactions. Therefore, it’s essential to be cautious and consult with a healthcare provider if you have any concerns about consuming Twisted Tea or any other beverage containing malted barley.

Are there any gluten-free twisted tea flavors

Twisted Tea has concentrated on bringing variations in its hard tea line. They tried to pay heed to your concerns and develop accordingly. Till now, they have released nine variations of twisted tea.

  • Twisted Tea Original provides the original and antique flavor
  • Twisted Tea Half & Half provides a classic flavor of half iced tea with the same proportion of lemonade
  • Twisted Tea Slightly Sweet is obviously less sweet, and for those who hate sweet madness
  • Twisted Tea Blackberry
  • Twisted Tea Blueberry
  • Twisted Tea Peach
  • Twisted Tea Raspberry
  • Twisted Tea Light 
  • Twisted Tea Mango

Twisted Tea twisted the flavors of the hard iced tea with a variety of fruits. They also have a variation with less sugar. Twisted Tea Light has less alcohol amounting to only 4% in volume. But there isn’t any Twisted Tea flavor that is gluten free.

Is Twisted Tea Original gluten-free

Twisted Tea Original is one of the first flavors they brought to the market. Twisted Tea Original can calm you with brewed tea and strong lemonade flavor if you want a classy and authentic taste. Twisted Tea claims that they don’t add any artificial sugar. Instead, they use the natural sweetness of the fruits. The first hard iced tea of Twisted Tea is also known as the King of Hard Teas. But Twisted Tea Original isn’t gluten free as the company doesn’t plan to exclude malt from the drink!

Is there gluten in Twisted Tea half and half?

Yes, there is gluten in Twisted Tea Half and Half. Twisted Tea Half and Half is a blend of iced tea and lemonade flavors, mixed with alcohol. It is made with a base of brewed black tea and natural lemon flavor, which is then combined with malted barley and other ingredients to create the final product. Malted barley is a common ingredient in beer and other alcoholic beverages, and it contains gluten.

Therefore, Twisted Tea Half and Half is not considered safe for individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. If you have a gluten-related disorder, it is important to read product labels carefully and avoid consuming products that contain gluten.

Is peach Twisted Tea gluten-free

No, Peach Twisted Tea is not gluten-free. It is brewed with malted barley, which contains gluten, and therefore is not considered safe for individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. If you have a gluten-related disorder, it is recommended to avoid consuming Peach Twisted Tea or any other alcoholic beverage that contains malted barley or other gluten-containing ingredients.

Is Twisted Tea a malt beer

Malt beverage is prepared by germinating and fermenting grain, most commonly barley and hops. They’re alcoholic beverages, and beer is the most popular of them. Twisted Tea is also a malt beverage produced by fermenting barley, which is closely related to beer. They are sometimes called twisted beer for the added flavors. But they have a subtle difference in the preparation process.

When should you avoid twisted tea with gluten?

Twisted Tea isn’t compatible with patients with celiac diseases. Celiac patients’ immunity is resistant to gluten. They can’t absorb gluten to the fullest potential. About 1-2% of Americans suffer from celiac diseases. They experience difficulties with the gastrointestinal system if they consume glutens. If these symptoms occur after drinking a non-gluten twisted tea, you should consult a physician as you might develop celiac disease.

  • Bloating & gas happen due to inflammation of the digestive system. However, switching to a gluten free diet helps in recovery.
  • Weight loss is inevitable if the diagnosis is late or you don’t undergo proper treatment. Due to malabsorption of nutrients, you may experience weight loss.
  • Diarrhea is a classic symptom of gluten-sensitive enteropathy.
  • Constipation is a common outcome of celiac disorders as the defective villi absorb more water from the bolus.
  • Abdominal pain is seen in celiac patients due to malfunctioning in the gut.
  • Iron deficiency anemia is another symptom that can’t be readily associated with celiac sprue. They are indicative of many diseases.

Is Twisted Tea safe for celiac?

Twisted Tea is brewed with malted barley and is not considered safe for individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. It contains gluten and may cause adverse reactions in those with gluten-related disorders.

Is Twisted Tea healthy if they’re gluten free?

Twisted Tea isn’t healthy at all, even if they’re gluten free. Though they claim that they don’t add extra sugar artificially, yet they have many secrets to keep with the Twisted Tea formulation. One thing to remind you again of gluten is that gluten itself is no harm to anyone unless you suffer from gluten sensitivity. Otherwise, it’s absolutely okay with respect to gluten. However, the sugar content is too high in the beverage. And alcohol shouldn’t be a thing in your life (even at the party) if you want an unintimidating and productive life.

What are the gluten-free alternatives to Twisted Teas

Twisted Tea is unique in its different flavors. But you still want something to drink like Twisted Tea, but gluten free, right? What about clinging to tea and coffee? They have no gluten themselves. And they’re as refreshing and energizing as any other beverages.

As the gluten fad is trending high, many companies are bringing gluten free products to attract customers. You’ll find gluten-free labels on these foods. In the US, food quality is strictly regulated by the authority. So you can be almost assured that you’re getting gluten free foods. Nowadays, you’ll also find some gluten-free beer products in the market.

However, here are some gluten free alternatives to Twisted Tea.

  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer
  • Cider
  • Water
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • Soda
  • Coke
  • Cold drinks
  • Wine
  • Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea
  • Homemade Twisted Tea without gluten

Wrap Up

Is twisted tea gluten free? Hopefully, you’ve found the answer by now and decided what to do next. Twisted Tea isn’t the ultimate drink in terms of energy-boosting. But if you personally like the idea and flavor of Twisted Tea, we hope they’ll introduce a gluten-free twisted tea variation if possible. Some beer companies have taken the lead in launching a gluten-free beers. It’ll be great if you share your thoughts on this aspect.

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